We offer a complete business format Franchisee in the pre schooling.The unique schooling concept provides individuals with complete knowledge for running School.

Franchisee will be provided with all guidelines which will help to start a school as per design, template and operating procedure manual for the conduct of school.
To start franchise, an estimated sum of about rupees 5, 00,000 will be required. This sum will cover expense for franchisee fees, school design, furnitures, equipment and educational materials and minimum of 750 square foot carpet area preferable in ground floor.

Franchisee will need to procure our Proprietary material like furniture,uniform, books, study material and stationary, visual communication materials etc. (cost of which to be borne by the franchisee.) A program will be held for training the franchisee and their key personnel.This aims at helping the franchisee understand the pre-school business and transferring the knowledge gathered by the Franchisor. PROPRIETARY Curriculum training will be provided to teachers on an ongoing basis with specially developed modules for counseling staff.
The curriculum will be provided in printed format and benefit of our 25 years of experience in educating young mind will be transferred to franchise to keep updated as per current curriculum development. The franchisor will provide support in effective promotional materials to publicize through various marketing tools like Brochures, Leaflets, Posters,Banners, and Pole Kites etc.The initial agreement is for tenure of three years and renewable as per the mutual agreement.
We invite committed and like minded entrepreneurs who will help us to carry our ambition of making learning a fun experience for kids. You must be keen interest in educating young mind and love children. If you fit into this, you are welcome to be a part of this rewarding experience as our Franchisee.